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About TMC Publishing

TMC Publishing is the publisher of, and has the world wide distribution rights to the English language version of the Marine Fish Families Series of books. The company also distributes a range of other fishkeeping and aquatic titles, for both the beginner and the more advanced aquarist.

aerial photoTMC Publishing is a division of Tropical Marine Centre Ltd which has been established since 1970.

Tropical Marine Centre is Europe's largest ornamental marine livestock wholesaler and hatchery and the UK's leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative commercial filtration equipment and quality branded aquatic products.

Background to Tropical Marine Centre

TMC Fish HouseTropical Marine Centre was set up in 1970 and since that time it has established itself as Europe's leading supplier of marine fish and invertebrates to the trade, offering an unparalleled range of marine fish and invertebrates from the largest aquarium-based holding facility in Europe.

Tropical Marine Centre's pioneering work on welfare and environmental issues, relating to the collection and importation of marine fish, together with its partnerships with many worldwide conservation organisations, has given it a world renowned reputation and established it as a centre of excellence and technical expertise within the ornamental marine fish industry.

Protein SkimmersThe Company also distributes a wide range of leading brand aquatic products and accessories, and since the early 1970s has manufactured UV sterilisers and clarifiers for both hobby and commercial applications.

In 1997, TMC began to design and manufacture its own range of commercial filtration equipment including complete systems for retail outlets, public displays and aquaculture applications.

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More details about Tropical Marine Centre and its range of products can be found on


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Be Envious: We make several scuba /snorkeling trips a year to the Carribean to dip below the ocean's surface and enter the fantastic underwater world that covers so much of the earth's surface. Over the years we have bought a number of fish books published by TMC Publishing. Aquartic creatures and the reefs where they live are amazing. Our kids say we are obsessed with tropical fish, which may be true, although we haven't invested in in tropical fish tanks etc. We prefer our tropical fish free and out in their natural environment. Our other passion is our delightful King Charles Spaniel. We get teased about our indulgences towards Master Charles. The last time we bought a dog bed and it arrived our daughter exclaimed now this is a bed for the designer dog. I was at first perplexed. The new dog bed is just a gorgeous round pillow. But I think her reaction was to the fact that the dog bed is covered is a lovely designer fabric. It's a chinoiserie print that coordinates with our very formal living room. I don't think the pillow dog bed was particularly indulgent. It wasn't custom made, although I could see how one might think it was. LOL. Meanwhile, I am planning our next trip to Bonaire. Where we stay is beside a great dive site with two very friendly French Angelfish. It's too bad that so much of the coral is destroyed close to shore. However when we scuba dive, it is wonderful with its clear water and abundance of fish and corals.



2006 Current Books/Titles





A Fishwatchers Guide (Book 1) 196 Soft Cover £19.95  
A Pocket Expert Guide to Marine Fishes - 500+ Essential-to Know Aquarium Fishes 448 Soft Cover £21.95  
Angelfishes - A Comprehensive Guide to Pomacanthidae 208 Hardback £19.95  
Angelfishes & Butterflyfishes - Reef Fishes Vol 3 344 Hardcover £29.95  
Aquarium Corals - Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History 464 Hardback £35.50  
Asia Pacific Reef Guide 321 Hardback £29.95  
Basslets, Dottybacks & Hawkfishes - Reef Fishes Vol 2 296 Hard cover £29.95  
Basslets, Hamlets and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Selected Serranidae and Plesiopidae 216 Hardback £19.95  
Breeding The Orchid Dottyback
288 Soft Cover £16.50  
Butterflyfishes, Bannerfishes and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Chaetodontidae and Microcanthidae 208 Hardback £19.95  
Cephalopods - A World Guide 320 Hardback £29.95  
Clownfishes 240 Soft Cover £21.95  
Colourguide of Tropical Fish Diseases on Freshwater Fish 272 Hardback £20.99  
Corals Indo-Pacific Field Guide 305 Hard Cover £29.95  
Corals of the World
1382 (3 volumes) Hardback £95.00  
Crustacea Guide of the World 321 Hardback £29.95  
Diseases in Marine Aquarium Fish 96 Hardback £14.50  
Dr. Burgess' Mini Atlas Of Marine Aquarium Fish 1023 Hard cover £24.95  
Dr. Burgess's Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes 784 Hard cover £54.95  
Fairy & Rainbow Wrasses and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Selected Labroids 208 Hardback £19.95  
Fishes and Corals 222 Hardback £29.95  
Indian Ocean Reef Guide 321 Hardback £29.95  
Marine Fish Families Series Box Set Volume 1   Hardback £55.00  
Marine Fish Families Series Box Set Volume 2   Hardback £55.00  
Mediterranean and Atlantic Fish Guide 305 Hardback £29.95  
Mediterranean and Atlantic Invert Guide 305 Hard Cover £29.95  
Natural Reef Aquariums 336 Soft Cover £20.55  
Nudibranchs and Sea Snails - Indo Pacific Field Guide 321 Hardback £29.95  
Pocket Expert Guide to Marine Invertebrates 448 Soft Cover £22.95  
Red Sea Reef Guide 321 Hardback £29.95  
Reef Fishes Vol 1 624 Hardback £49.95  
Reef Invertebrates - An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility 398 Soft cover £24.95  
Reef Life - Natural History and Behaviors of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates 224 Hardback £26.50  
Reef Secrets 224 Hardback £26.50  
Seahorses, Pipefishes and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Syngnathiformes - Revised Edition 240 Hardback £19.95  
Sharks and Rays - Elasmobranch Guide of the World 305 Hardback £29.95  
Shore Fishes of Hawai'I 216 Soft Cover £14.95  
Surgeonfishes, Rabbitfishes and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Acanthuroidei 208 Hardback £19.95  
The Conscientious Marine Aquarist - A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists 432 Soft Cover £23.55  
The Coral Sea Reef Guide 321 Hardback £29.95  
The Global Trade in Coral 70 Soft Cover £10  
The Guide to Angelfishes and Butterflyfishes 250 Hardback £29.95  
The Marine Aquarium Handbook 318 Soft Cover £14.95  
The Marine Aquarium Reference: Systems and Invertebrates
512 Soft Cover £16.95  
The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Volume 1 367 Hardback £59.95  
The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Volume 2 479 Hardback £59.95  
The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Volume 3 448 Hardback £59.95  
The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Volume 4 480 Hardback £59.95  
The New Illustrated Guide to Fish Diseases in Ornamental Tropical and Pond Fish 232 Hardback £35.95  
The New Marine Aquarium 144 Soft Cover £14.95  
The Simple Guide to Marine Aquariums 240 Soft cover £11.95  
The SUPER Simple Guide to Corals 136 Soft Cover £6.95  
Whales & Dolphins - Cetacean World Guide 305 Hardback £29.95  
World Atlas of Marine Fishes 720 Hardback £49.99  


A Pocket Expert Guide to Marine Fishes - 500+ Essential-to Know Aquarium Fishes
by Scott W Michael

Pages:  448
Format:  Soft Cover
RRP:  £21.95

Like a field guide to marine aquarium fishes, the Pocket Expert Guide offers a quick reference for identifying, buying, and keeping more than 500 popular species.

Designed as a compact but authoritative handbook on the fishes most often seen and kept by marine aquarists, this widely acclaimed Pocket Expert is a must-have reference for all saltwater hobbyists and professionals.

Authoritative and up-to-date, it contains more than 500 species photographs.



  • Introduction
  • Using This Guide
    • Scientific Name
    • Common Name
    • Maximum Length
    • Range
    • Minimum Aquarium Size
    • Foods & Feeding
    • Aquarium Suitability Index
    • Reef Aquarium Compatibility
    • Captive Care
  • World Oceans & Coral Reefs
  • Species Accounts
  • Photography Credits
  • Bibliography
  • Species Index
  • Common Name Index
  • Further Reading
  • About the Author
  • Quick Key to Aquarium Suitability Index
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Aquarium Corals - Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History
by Eric H

Pages:  464
Format:  Hardback
RRP:  £35.50

Beautiful, bizarre and amongst nature's most colourful creations, living corals are now being successfully kept and grown in tens of thousands of home saltwater aquariums.

For the first time, master aquarist Eric Borneman offers an authoritative, comprehensive and fully illustrated guide to appropriate aquarium species, including a diversity of soft corals, as well as popular and rare large-polyp and small-polyp stony corals. More than 700 world-class photographs.



  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Introduction: Aquarium Corals
    • Selection, husbandry and natural history
  • Chapter 1
    • Reef Worlds ­ Beauty, biodiversity and scientific wonders of the coral realm
  • Chapter 2
    • Anatomy lessons ­ Polyps that rule ­ and build ­ the reefs
  • Chapter 3
    • Zooxanthellae ­ The symbiotic algae of corals
  • Chapter 4
    • Foods & Feeding ­ Nutrition on the reef and in the aquarium
  • Chapter 5
    • Secret Lives ­ Competition and reproduction
  • Chapter 6
    • Taxonomy ­ Coral classification and its limitations
  • Chapter 7
    • The corals ­ Families, genera and species of special interest to aquarists
  • Chapter 8
    • Husbandry ­ Captive reef-keeping approaches and essentials
  • Chapter 9
    • Water chemistry ­ Parameters to know and maintain for success with corals
  • Chapter 10
    • Care & Handling ­ Selecting, acclimating and siting corals in the reef aquarium
  • Chapter 11
    • Coral health ­ Recognising, preventing and treating diseases, worrisome conditions and pests
  • Chapter 12
    • Conservation ­ Endangered reefs and the ethical coral keeper


Angelfishes & Butterflyfishes - Reef Fishes Vol 3
by Scott W Michael

Pages:  344
Format:  Hardcover
RRP:  £29.95

The third volume in the Reef Fishes Series, this book contains detailed information on the following groups: Remoras, Jacks, Snappers, Fusiliers, Sweetlips, Spinecheeks, Drums, Goatfishes, Sweepers, Monos, Butterflyfishes, Angelfishes.

The information in this book is designed to assist anyone interested in these fishes to maintain them in peak condition in the aquarium.


  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • The Fishes
    • Family Echeneidae - Remoras
    • Family Carangidae - Jacks, Scads & Pompanos
    • Family Lutjanidae - Snappers
    • Family Caesionidae - Fusiliers
    • Family Haemulidae - Sweetlips & Grunts
    • Family Nemipteridae - Whiptails & Spinecheeks
    • Family Sciaenidae - Drums & Croakers
    • Family Mullidae - Goatfishes
    • Family Pempheridae - Sweepers
    • Family Monodactylidae - Monos
    • Family Chaetodontidae - Butterflyfishes
    • Family Pomacanthidae - Angelfishes
  • References
    • Photography Credits
    • Bibliography
    • Index
    • About the Author



Basslets, Hamlets and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Selected Serranidae and Plesiopidae
by Rudie H Kuiter

Pages:  216
Format:  Hardback
RRP:  £19.95

This is the 6th volume in TMC Publishing's "Marine Fish Families Series".

Some of the most colourful reef fishes are small, rarely noticed or extremely secretive. Best known are the fairy basslets, schooling planktivores that may cloud the water above reefs when feeding. Others live in the back of dark caves and disappear with the slightest disturbance. About 60 genera are presented here, covering several hundreds of species, including most species called Bass or Basslets, Hamlets and the related Soapfishes and Seaperch, as well as related familes that include the Grammas, Longfins, Blue Devils, Hulafishes and Scissortails.

• Comprehensively illustrated with hundreds of spectacular underwater photographs, the majority of which are published here for the first time.

• Information on behaviour, habitats, colour morphs and basic aquarium requirements for the various groups or species.

• Introduction to genera and subgenera and picture index pages for visual quick-find of genera, subgenera and species.

• Full index of common and scientific names of genera and species.



  • Introduction
  • About this book
  • Family Contents
  • Family Serranidae
  • Family Symphysanodontidae
  • Family Callanthidae
  • Family Serranidae
    • Anthiinae
    • Genera Contents
  • Family Serranidae
    • Epinephelinae
  • Family Serranidae
    • Liopropominae
  • Family Serranidae
    • Grammistinae
    • Genera Contents
  • Family Serranidae
    • Serraninae
    • Genera Contents
  • Family Grammatidae
  • Family Plesiopidae
    • Genera Contents
  • Family Acanthoclinidae
  • Bibliography
  • Index


Cephalopods - A World Guide
by Mark Norman

Pages:  320
Format:  Hardback
RRP:  £25.99
Octopuses, squids, cuttlefishes and their relatives ("cephalopods") are some of the most "alien" creatures on earth.

They have complex behaviours and many are experts at spectacular colour and shape changes. They come in all shapes and sizes, from pygmy octopuses to giant squids measuring more than 15 metres long, and occur from shallow reefs to the deep sea.

This 320 page guide includes information and photographs of species from around the world as well as stories on their unique lives and bizarre habits.



  • The living cephalopods
  • Nautiluses
  • Spirulida
    • Ram's Horn Squid
  • Sepiida
    • Cuttlefishes
  • Sepiolida
    • Bobtail Squids
    • Bottletail Squids
  • Idiosepiida
    • Pigmy Squids
  • Teuthida
    • Inshore and Calamari Squids
    • Grass Squids
  • Oegopsina
    • Giant Squids
    • Bathyteuthid Squids
    • Comb-finned Squids
    • Glass Squids
    • Enope Squids
    • Armhook Squids
    • Jewel or Cock-eyed Squids
    • Joubin's Squids
    • Bigfin Squid
    • Eight Arm Squids
    • Whiplash Squids
    • Chiroteuthid Squids
    • Flying Squids
    • Hooked Squids
    • Fire Squids
    • Rhomboid Squids
  • Vampyromorpha
    • Vampire Squid
  • Octopoda
    • Finned Deep Sea Octopuses
    • Gelatinous Octopuses
    • Telescope Octopus
    • Glass Octopus
    • Argonauts
    • Football Octopus
    • Blanket Octopus
    • Seven Arm Octopuses
    • Benthic Octopuses
    • Unplaced species in the genus Octopus.